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22, Male
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Just some student studying programming who attempts art every once in a while.

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free rider track

2008-12-20 06:41:21 by crisjg

18 1i 2q 1i 2q 1s 34 1s 34 1i 4c 18 4c 1s 4m 1s 4m 18 5k u 5k 1s 5u 1s 5u u 6i k 6i 1s 6s 1s 6s k 76 a 76 1s 7g 1s 7g a 7q -a 7q 1s k0 1s k0 26 ka 26 ka 1s kk 1s kk 26 ku 26 ku 1s l8 1s l8 26 li 26 li 1s ls 1s ls 26 m6 26 m6 1s mg 1s mg 26 mq 26 mq 1s n4 1s n4 26 ne 26 ne 1s no 1s no 26 o2 26 o2 1s,o2 1s oc 1s oc 26 p0 26 p0 1s pk 1s pk 26 q8 26 q8 1s qs 1s qs 26 rg 26 rg 1s s4 1s s4 26 so 26 so 1s tc 1s tc 26 u0 26 u0 1s uk 1s uk 26 uk 2g v8 2g v8 1s vi 1s vi 2g 106 2g 106 1s 10g 1s 10g 2g 114 2g 114 1s 11e 1s 11e 2g 122 2g 122 1s 12c 1s 12c 2g 130 2g 130 1s 13a 1s 13a 2g 13u 2g 13u 1s 1b4 1s 1b4 26 1be 26 1bo 26,1be 26 1be 1s 1d0 1i 1d0 26 1da 26 1da 1i 1ei 18 1ei 26 1es 26 1f6 26,1es 26 1es 18 1fq u 1fq 26 1ge 26,1g4 26 1g4 u 1go k 1go 26 1h2 26 1h2 k 1hc a 1hc 26 25m 26,236 1s 236 k 2ba k 2km k 2km u 2km 1s 2lu 1s 2lu k 2m8 k 2m8 1s 2n6 1s 2ng 1s 2ng k 2nq k 2nq 1s 2p2 1s 2p2 k 2pc k 2pc 1s 2qk 1s 2qk k 2qu k 2qu 1s 2sg 1s 2sg k 2sq k 2sq 1s 2uc 1s 2uc k 2um k 2um 1s 308 1s 308 k 30i k 30i 1s 324 1s 324 k 32e k 32e 1i 32e 1s 34a 1s 34a k 34k k 34k 1s 36g 1s 36g k 36q k 36q 1s 38m 1s 38m k 390 k,236 1s 236 2g,308 k 30i u,390 k 390 1s 39a 1s 3as 1s 3as k 3b6 k 3ki k 3ks k 3n2 k 3s2 k 42a k,3d2 k 3dc k,3fi k 3fs k,3n2 k 3nc k,3pi k 3ps k,42a u 42a 26 42k 26 42k k 45o a 45o 26 462 26 462 a 48s 0 48s 26 496 26 496 0 4bm -a 4bm 1s 4bm 26 4c0 26 4c0 -a 4e6 -k 4e6 26 4eg 26 4eg -k 4gc -u 4gc 26 4gm 26 4gm -u 4i8 -18 4i8 26 4ii 26 4ii -18 4jq -1i 4jq 26 4k4 26 4k4 -1i 4l2 -1s 4l2 26 4lc 26 4lc -1s 4m0 -26 4m0 1s 4ma 1s 4ma -26 4mk -2g 4mk 26 5au 1s 5so 1s,42a u 42a k,4m0 26 4m0 1s,4ma -26 4mk -26,5g8 1s 5g8 0 5se 0 5t2 0 5t2 u 5tc u 5tm u 5u0 u 5ua u 5uk u 5v8 u 5vs u 60g u 614 u 61o 18 62c 1i 630 1s 63u 2g 64s 2g 67c 2g 6i0 2g 6pg 2g 6nu 1i 6na 1i 6mc 1i 6l4 1i 6l4 2g,4mu 26 4mu -2g 4n8 -2q 4n8 26 4ni 26 4ni -2q 4o6 -3e 4o6 26 4og 26 4og -3e 4pe -4c 4pe 26 4po 26 4po -4c 4qm -5u 4qm 26,15q 7q 18u 7g,59m 1s 59m -18 5g8 0,5tc u 5tc 0,5tm u 5tm 0,5u0 u 5u0 0,5ua u 5ua 0,5uk u 5uk 0,5v8 u 5v8 0,5vs u 5vs 0,60g u 60g 0,614 u 614 0,61o 18 61o 0,62c 1i 62c a,630 1s 630 k,63u 2g 63u 18,64s 2g 64s 18,67c 26 67c 2g,6i0 2g 6i0 1i 67c 2g,6pg 2g 6pg 1i 6nu 1i 6o8 26 6os 1i 6pg 26 6o8 2g 6nu 1i 6nu 2g 6pg 1i 7bk 8e 7lu 8e 7lu e2 8l6 e2 9lm e2 ae2 e2 afu c6 aka c6 amq ak ar6 ak b56 a0 bsk a0 c0m fa,9ao e2 9ao em 9ca em 9ca f0 9ds f0 9ds fa 9fe fa 9fe fk 9gm fk 9gm fu 9hu fu 9hu g8,9b2 e2 9lm do,9bc e2 9lm de,9c0 e2 9lm d4,9ca e2 9lm cq,9ck e2 9lm cg,9cu e2 9lm c6,9d8 e2 9lm bs,9di e2 9lm bi,9ds e2 9lm b8,9e6 e2 9lm au,9eg e2 9lm ak,9eq e2 9lm aa,9f4 e2 9lm a0,9fe e2 9lm 9m,9fo e2 9lm 9c,9g2 e2 9lm 92,9gc e2 9lm 8o,9gm e2 9lm 8e,9h0 e2 9lm 84,9ha e2 9lm 7q,9hk e2 9lm 7g,9hu e2 9lm 76,9i8 e2 9lm 6s,9ii e2 9lm 6i,9is e2 9lm 68,9j6 e2 9lm 5u,9jg e2 9lm 5k,9jq e2 9lm 5a,9k4 e2 9lm 50,9ke e2 9lm 4m,9ko e2 9lm 4c,9l2 e2 9lm 42,9lc do 9lm 3o,9lc e2 9lm 3o,9lm e2 9lm 3e,6na 1i 6na 2g,6mc 1i 6mc 2g,-10 r -n q,-v q 18 q,18 1i -u 1i -u k,9k4 -cq 9k4 -i4 9qc -i4,9k4 -d4 9ke -i4,9k4 -de 9ko -i4,9k4 -do 9l2 -i4,9k4 -e2 9lc -i4,9k4 -ec 9lm -i4,9k4 -em 9m0 -i4,9k4 -f0 9ma -i4,9k4 -fk 9mu -i4,9k4 -fa 9mk -i4,9k4 -fu 9n8 -i4,9k4 -g8 9ni -i4,9k4 -gi 9ns -i4,9k4 -gs 9o6 -i4,9k4 -h6 9og -i4,9k4 -hg 9oq -i4,9k4 -hq 9p4 -i4,bsk fa bsk a0,bsk fa cac fa cac cq##T c9o f0,S 9lm 2q

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Hire 20 Employees 10 Points You are a thriving small business. Medal Stats.
Conquer Canada 5 Points Not that they put up much of a fight. Medal Stats.
Asteroid 25 Points Crushing the Asteroid Medal Stats.
Spiderman 25 Points Killing Spiderman Medal Stats.
Trump Jet 25 Points Crushing Donald Trump's Jet Medal Stats.
King Kong 10 Points Killing King Kong Medal Stats.
Air Racer 25 Points Crushing the Air Racer Medal Stats.
Balloon 10 Points Crushing the balloon Medal Stats.
Level 07 10 Points Your enemies - are enemies to each other Medal Stats.
Level 06 10 Points What a huge life form! Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 115 (From 41 different games.)